Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Agency for Peace Education and Practice (APEP) Nigeria is a Non-Governmental Organization (an NGO) focusing on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. It consists of a team of peace professionals and young graduates whose major aim, drive and desire is focused on making the world a better place by making meaningful contributions in Nation Building through advancing Peace Education, Youth Orientation and Empowerment. Hence, they come together to form a common front from which to project their aims and achieve their purposes. APEP, therefore, aims at advancing Peace Building through Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Youth Orientation and Empowerment. 

This drive is based on the perceived major cause of conflict in the African setting, which poverty is at its root. Poverty creates what Ikejiaku (2009) called political corruption; a situation that sustains and deepens poverty. Considering this scenario, the NGO works towards achieving its set objectives through focused study, actions and intervention into social conflict situations (inter-personal, inter-group etc) relating to poverty. We hope to achieve this through partnership with various stakeholders in Peace/Nation Building, thereby making the world a better place.

As Track 2 Diplomats and a conglomerate of young professionals in various aspects of nation building, APEP Nigeria aims at achieving the following objectives:
  • To advance Peace building through of peace studies and practice
  • To establish models of communal Peace building through focused study on the root causes of conflicts; conflict intervention; establishing of early warning signs and preventive mechanisms on conflicts for communities and government agencies
  • To train Professionals in Conflict Analysis, Conflict Intervention, Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution through capacity building workshop, training and empowerment programmes.
Our main action plans, therefore, border mainly on bringing together the specific roles of various stakeholders in peace/nation building to build a synergy that gears towards establishing positive/sustainable peace, which is the bedrock of Nation building, advancement and sustainable development. 

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